Priority or Option

I do not know who has shot this image ... but I had kept it with me for quite some time, and the same thought has been in my mind. I think now that I have resolved many issues, I am sharing this image.
This image helped me - hope it gives you answers too
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...Spring
I have recently joined a film club - its just a once in a month commitment which I was sure I would be able to manage.
A time to see by myself, films that others always talk about. Films that have revolutionised thought - films that brought India into the global realm - some cult - and some popular of course. I promised myself I would not get over-influenced by the tag attached to many films of being "critically acclaimed' but see if they touch me personally - anywhere. And also not to read anything about films before I see them. This is a pure selfish endevour. Maybe to help a search within myself. And of course see a good story being told by some masters of filmdom.
Till now I have seen Citizen Kane and Sadgati, missed The Great Dictator(but since I have that in my collection didn't miss it much). What I am going to share here is my experience of watching 'Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring' - , Writer/director/editor Kim Ki-duk has created a masterpiece- a story about the human spirit, moving from Innocence, through Love, violence and Guilt, to Enlightenment and finally Rebirth
What I really liked was his ability to portray the serenity of the mind through the pace of the film..slow yet keeping an element of curiosity alive. One wanted to know what was going to happen next in the life of these two characters who hardly speak.. The director very skillfully leads you through the various emotions of joy, curiosity, guilt and repentance. The symbols of Buddhist philosophy are embedded so naturally in the story that they do not obstruct your thought, yet later you end up pondering over them. A simple of act of rowing to the shore and back to the island monastry starts getting a new meaning as the story unfolds.
Actually what he has to tell is nothing new, but the way he shows the evolution of thought linking it with the seasons and stages of life is significant, and thus the name “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Spring” – the inevitability of the circle of life!
While watching the movie you first get lost and wonder what time period it is set in as you see no clues, and then suddenly two new characters from the 'outside' world are introduced, and the fairy tale story starts becoming real, especially when the lead character actually leaves this world and returns in 'todays' world.
The story and and whats it all about, you can of course get loads of it on the net. I enjoyed the cinematography and the storytelling skill of the Korean director. Cheers to him!
I have the good fortune to have a friend in we stuck along for so long is a different story, but what I admire her most for is the tenacity with which she follows what she belives in. Take the case of Seva Sahyog - she has been actively promoting the work and participating voluntarily to do her bit. Instead of being just another 'couch' volunteer , she was instrumental in getting her collegues contribute to the activity and spent the last 3 weekends help distribute school kits to children who were financially under-privileged. Read more - Times of India Pune, on their 4th page.
After hearing her story I browsed to realise there was so much in 'Seva Sahyog' - especially their site - Youth for Seva was very informative. It provided a forum to all those who have always wanted to do something but did not know where to start or trust the credibility of organisations seeking help. Seva does the research for you and in their updates sections gives a list of activities where voluntary support is needed.
So hope to see you sometime on a Seva activity...I am definitely there.
Value education for School Children
Well, the rummaging continues...and I discover this article written for the school edition of the newspaper - am posting the article as it is, but would be adding more as to what others have to say about the same. So here goes -

As a parent I ask myself – what all did I expect my child to learn at school? And was value education anywhere in the top three things to learn. I am sure if we sit down to list the reasons for choosing a school, value education would come way down.

Then whose responsibility is value education? I think it is the responsibility of the society that the future generation is made to be a sensitive generation. We as ‘parents’, we as ‘teachers’ and we as ‘by standers’ – in all these roles that form the web of society are responsible for inculcating values amongst school children.

The age group of 8 to 14 is considered to be the most impressionable age and children spend maximum number of waking hours in the school during this phase, and thus we often expect the school to fulfill this ‘learning’ need too. In case of value education it is not just the books, or stories or songs that help one to learn. It is observation, that is the major tool of learning. If what children learn at school and what they experience at home or in their social environment is contradictory, then we are only creating further confusions in the young minds. We are raising doubts and building up inhibitions to respond to what they feel is right.

If value education is taken up as a subject, it definitely becomes a subject to joke about, or is considered nearly an ‘off – period’ – I mean who wants to be told moralistic stories anymore? However if the same subject is covered through experiential learning it can become a major tool of inculcating values and sensitivity issues for the young minds. It could cover issues of socio-economic disparity, gender sensitivity, environment concerns and a host of others topics.

I remember as a school girl, I was a Girl Guide – and what we learnt in those three years are still a part of my personality. Even today I follow the basic tenets of the Guide movement - “do a good deed for the day” and “ khari Kamayee” (work and earn). Was it not ‘value education’? But we don’t seem to do these activities any more.

Currently the only lip-service that we give to our commitment to value education is through the mechanical rendition of the National Pledge. Even if each line of the pledge is recited with heart and commitment, and followed in spirit to the word, we do not require any additional classes for ‘value education’. Why can we not just commit ourselves to what we say in our national pledge; and extend the values from ‘all Indians’ to all “human beings”.

So let’s start with something simple and something possible. Just let’s try to inculcate the Pledge in spirit and value education will happen.
Collectively speaking
While rumagging through some old file on my laptop, I found this collection of 'collective nouns'. Here are some that are truly amazing. Do add more if you can think of some more - I will add them to my collection.
A Tower of Pizzas
A Shakespeare of Idiots
A Siagon of Memories
A Sympathy of Smells
A Twitch of Habits
A Custody of Husbands
A Beep of Censors
A Smug of Smiles
A Shadow of Sunlight
A Rash of Diapers
A Portal of Insignificance
A Granary of Salt
A Forest of Pens
A Curfew of Restrictions
A Dawdle of Time
A Digit of Chips
A Chain Mail of Links!
A Chicken of Doubt
A Cholic of Al's
A Budget of Decimals
64 Megs of Ryan
A Cacti of Pricks
Click It
Can you imagine using the laptop and not moving you fingers over the touchpad? Or you are sitting on your desktop PC and moving the mouse insanely on your screen , though you may not be searching for anything in particular? Well if you dont, then you are a rare species - somehow i do have this habit wherein i am unconsciously moving the cursor constantly. i did not realise how really strong the urge was to click - be it the mouse or the touchpad. and then i came across this website. I realised i am looking for links / buttons / cursor shifting to the hand icon and other indicators of links whiile browing page/site. So here i am sharing with you an enjoyable experience - Just Dont Click It!
Begining or the End
It seems I am discovering something new each day on the internet. Of course that does not mean it is NEW, its just that its new for ME. So what? So I happened to discover 'Stumble upon' and its been a pleasure so far. I came upon this post on work done by street artists. Now don't think I am talking about the usual sights we see at traffic signals in India, nor a magician or scamster. They are activists using their creative talents to express in innovative ways.
I really dont want to say much of this link you just have to click on it and scroll to the right.
Is this the begining or the end? And the post I had stumbled upon is called - Are you generic?
Snoozing in the car while travelling from Mahabaleshwar to Pune, I half opened my eyes to see where we had reached. And lo! what a sight! I could not believe what I saw! In all my travels in India, I am never surprised by the modes of transport. The range is so vast in terms of vehicles and also the goods carried, that nothing surprises me. But still, to see an elephant in a truck! it did leave me amazed.
At this particular point on the Bangalore highway, we were crossing the ghat section and the swaying truck looked pretty precarious on the road.
Where were they off to? Collect alms in Pune, then move on to some other town? He surely must be missing the long walks in the forests, as now he is relegated to burning asphalt of city roads during their stays. Can he see the hills passing by, or is he now blinded by the harsh afternoon sun burning on the tarred surface.
They say elephants have good memory. Why?
And the Award Goes to...
The magical words were finally heard. It felt good to hear that the Jury award for best film was awarded to KAASH! Yes we did it again..but now we surely feel we have to move ahead of ICE. We want to see what the world has to say. we want to be better at pre and post production. We want to experiment with original soundtrack, animation, dubbing..oh the list goes on.
We dont want to get stuck on past laurels and so now we move on to ERISED, our next project. our website!
Big Screen Moment
Finally we were on BIG screen॥a dream come true..dont know yet what the results will be , but it sure felt goodto hear people respond to your creation. I mean these were not friends whom you had requested to view your film, but it was the aam junta, and the joy was in seeing that the audience did follow the path that you had set for them. Ample satisfaction. Buss I am happy...
Sharing the channels screens from KAASH...of course will have lots to tell post 7pm today. Wish me all the best.
क्या आम आदमी सुरक्षित है

It came as a shock and a surprise to see the title convert to devanagiri (hindi) much so that i decided to let it stay that way.. (and had a hard time trying to shut it off..yup I am technologically disabled!)
So what is "kya aam aadami surakshit hai?" all about? The description on the DVD cover reads -"When a lie is told a thousand times, you start believing it as the truth. And if someone can make a million people believe it, it certainly is a potent weapon.

This is a short film (20mins) made by us (prasad, swapnil and myself). How did we get to doing this.
It was a usual evening at Raviraj - our hangout. a place to catch-up before we left for home after office...usually over a cup of coffee or phoolchand paan or a mug of beer - oh and omlette sandwich for Swapnil...As usual we were hotly discussing movie themes, should we do a horror flic, or should it be a romance, maybe animie would be a new start, why cant we adapt a strory, and so on.
Well finally K.A.A.S.H was done and is also shortlisted for screening for ICE Festival 2008 and is going to be screened in Pune at City Pride Multiplex, Kothrud on 28th May 2009 , between 9am to 12 noon. The award is to be declared the same night.

So till the news is declared cant share the story...more about K.A.A.S.H follows after 28th May.