Snoozing in the car while travelling from Mahabaleshwar to Pune, I half opened my eyes to see where we had reached. And lo! what a sight! I could not believe what I saw! In all my travels in India, I am never surprised by the modes of transport. The range is so vast in terms of vehicles and also the goods carried, that nothing surprises me. But still, to see an elephant in a truck! it did leave me amazed.
At this particular point on the Bangalore highway, we were crossing the ghat section and the swaying truck looked pretty precarious on the road.
Where were they off to? Collect alms in Pune, then move on to some other town? He surely must be missing the long walks in the forests, as now he is relegated to burning asphalt of city roads during their stays. Can he see the hills passing by, or is he now blinded by the harsh afternoon sun burning on the tarred surface.
They say elephants have good memory. Why?
And the Award Goes to...
The magical words were finally heard. It felt good to hear that the Jury award for best film was awarded to KAASH! Yes we did it again..but now we surely feel we have to move ahead of ICE. We want to see what the world has to say. we want to be better at pre and post production. We want to experiment with original soundtrack, animation, dubbing..oh the list goes on.
We dont want to get stuck on past laurels and so now we move on to ERISED, our next project. our website!
Big Screen Moment
Finally we were on BIG screen॥a dream come true..dont know yet what the results will be , but it sure felt goodto hear people respond to your creation. I mean these were not friends whom you had requested to view your film, but it was the aam junta, and the joy was in seeing that the audience did follow the path that you had set for them. Ample satisfaction. Buss I am happy...
Sharing the channels screens from KAASH...of course will have lots to tell post 7pm today. Wish me all the best.
क्या आम आदमी सुरक्षित है

It came as a shock and a surprise to see the title convert to devanagiri (hindi) much so that i decided to let it stay that way.. (and had a hard time trying to shut it off..yup I am technologically disabled!)
So what is "kya aam aadami surakshit hai?" all about? The description on the DVD cover reads -"When a lie is told a thousand times, you start believing it as the truth. And if someone can make a million people believe it, it certainly is a potent weapon.

This is a short film (20mins) made by us (prasad, swapnil and myself). How did we get to doing this.
It was a usual evening at Raviraj - our hangout. a place to catch-up before we left for home after office...usually over a cup of coffee or phoolchand paan or a mug of beer - oh and omlette sandwich for Swapnil...As usual we were hotly discussing movie themes, should we do a horror flic, or should it be a romance, maybe animie would be a new start, why cant we adapt a strory, and so on.
Well finally K.A.A.S.H was done and is also shortlisted for screening for ICE Festival 2008 and is going to be screened in Pune at City Pride Multiplex, Kothrud on 28th May 2009 , between 9am to 12 noon. The award is to be declared the same night.

So till the news is declared cant share the story...more about K.A.A.S.H follows after 28th May.