Priority or Option

I do not know who has shot this image ... but I had kept it with me for quite some time, and the same thought has been in my mind. I think now that I have resolved many issues, I am sharing this image.
This image helped me - hope it gives you answers too
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...Spring
I have recently joined a film club - its just a once in a month commitment which I was sure I would be able to manage.
A time to see by myself, films that others always talk about. Films that have revolutionised thought - films that brought India into the global realm - some cult - and some popular of course. I promised myself I would not get over-influenced by the tag attached to many films of being "critically acclaimed' but see if they touch me personally - anywhere. And also not to read anything about films before I see them. This is a pure selfish endevour. Maybe to help a search within myself. And of course see a good story being told by some masters of filmdom.
Till now I have seen Citizen Kane and Sadgati, missed The Great Dictator(but since I have that in my collection didn't miss it much). What I am going to share here is my experience of watching 'Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring' - , Writer/director/editor Kim Ki-duk has created a masterpiece- a story about the human spirit, moving from Innocence, through Love, violence and Guilt, to Enlightenment and finally Rebirth
What I really liked was his ability to portray the serenity of the mind through the pace of the film..slow yet keeping an element of curiosity alive. One wanted to know what was going to happen next in the life of these two characters who hardly speak.. The director very skillfully leads you through the various emotions of joy, curiosity, guilt and repentance. The symbols of Buddhist philosophy are embedded so naturally in the story that they do not obstruct your thought, yet later you end up pondering over them. A simple of act of rowing to the shore and back to the island monastry starts getting a new meaning as the story unfolds.
Actually what he has to tell is nothing new, but the way he shows the evolution of thought linking it with the seasons and stages of life is significant, and thus the name “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Spring” – the inevitability of the circle of life!
While watching the movie you first get lost and wonder what time period it is set in as you see no clues, and then suddenly two new characters from the 'outside' world are introduced, and the fairy tale story starts becoming real, especially when the lead character actually leaves this world and returns in 'todays' world.
The story and and whats it all about, you can of course get loads of it on the net. I enjoyed the cinematography and the storytelling skill of the Korean director. Cheers to him!