Nationhood over Statehood
Why does the Shiv Sena take every comment made by any Indian so personally? Especially when national icons like Sachin Tendulkar states openly that he is an Indian first – is it not a proud mement. In fact it would seem so petty if he had made the statement otherwise, that is stating his State comes first. The whole concept of team spirit gets defeated here. Especially in case of India where every state level player has to wait his/her turn to get selected. The selectors have to take care that all states and religions are represented to keep everybody happy – and I guess the nation looses out on a good player in this process. But as a patient nation we are willing to wait out till the right combination of religion and state representation happens to give us the world’s greatest team!

Would the Sena supremo be happy if Sachin had stated I play for myself first, then my family, then the state and lastly the nation? Would it not seem selfish?

It did not matter to me which state Abhinav Bindra belonged to, but it mattered to me that he brought the first Gold for India. It mattered to me that P T Usha ran her heart out not for herself or her state but for India. As a citizen, a student and a parent when I witnessed these moments I always felt I was cheering for India and not the state.

At college I used to play basketball. What a significant day it was when I learned that I was part of the College team. Interestingly the team had players from 2 rival clubs. Let me explain – individually some of the top players also represented their clubs. But under the college colours we were all one. Then I got to represent the Pune district and had to forget that I belonged to my college. And so on it goes upto national selections. When we have such a selection process for all team sports – does it really matters which state we come from?

When Sachin is speaking on a national forum, and the world is watching him– it is definitely right of him to respect his nationality first. It’s a lesson for all to get the perspective right. As a role model that many youngsters look upto, Sachin made a bold statement, reinforcing the fact that the team will always come first over personal and state agenda.

Bravo Sachin ! What you said was not “a cheeky single” but a glorious SIX and I am glad “you stepped out of the crease” to come out and make the statement. Thanks for making us feel proud for being Indians first.
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  1. Sumita Kale Says:

    Thats what SRK did in Chak de..remember?getting the girls to say India and not their state..truly a goose-pimply moment that was!:)

  2. hi...

    The ambiguity between nationalism, sub-nationalism(state) and sub-sub-nationalism (region-Telangana) is a matter of high subjectivity with political manipulations and false pride.
    It is irrational and senseless on part of Sena group to through mud on the Mr Clean, Sir Sachin Twentydulkar.

  3. Pushkaraj Says:

    Well said! Sena has not had anything to shout about for some time, so they needed to make a political issue out of nothing. Just that they went too far this time and this is proving to be a boomerang for them.
    When someone makes it really big in any field then it ceases to matter which state s/he belongs to. Do we all respect APJ Abdul Kalaam because he is a Malayali or because he is a great scientist and a statesman? Countless examples can be thought of in this line - MF Hussain (Born in Pandharpur, Maharashtra!), Kishore Kumar (Bengali born in MP), AR Rehman (Muslim born in Tamilnadu), Lata Mangeshkar (Marathi, but born in Madhya Pradesh).
    Sachin has made all Indians proud with his achievements and has always steered clear from controversies with his integrity and sincerity.
    Shiv Sena - please look for some valid reasons to raise your voice. Currently the voice of more than a billion Indians threatens to drown out your meaningless ranting.

  4. Swati Says:

    @ Sumi. Very few recent movies have been able to bring out the feeling of national pride currently - Chak De being one and the other was Swadesh. We did see and experience the politics that goes into the selection process also - and am sure you do it even now! Forget cricket people this kind of statewise "quota" selection also happens for non-glamorous and non commercial sports like volleyball too. Am I right Sumita?
    @ Mahesh - what you say is so true. the point also is , how long are we going to get politically manipulated like this. It just proves that more people should come out and vote so that we do not get stooges who vote themselves into the assembly by buying the voter. If there are so many of us who do not belive in this single point agenda - who is voting for these people? I do belive in democracy and its our responsibility to beat the politicians at their game by outnumbering their bought out votes!(I am an idealist)
    @ Pushkaraj - let me just correct the case of AR Rehman - he is an Hindu converted to Muslim faith! and agreeing with your point I would like to add that his rendition of Vande Mataram is the most inspiring version yet. In fact I think he is the only musician who has been able to bring out the national spirit in the music he has given to some songs - Yeh Jo Desh Hai Mera - just listening to them makes one feel so proud!

  5. iamzero Says:

    see, we all are really talking sensible things, I agree, but in UP Samajwadi Party is welcoming him (Abu Azmi) like a rebel who has proved that 'we can behave as we want!'. Its not just about language, we are not ready to forgive our own people (Shivsena) for behaving regional type, but SP's praising Abu Azmi is worse than that. And just for information, Abu Azmi was linked with Dawood Ibrahim (may be still is), he is related with 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts. (Ref:
    Means even if Shivsena n MNS way of protesting was wrong, somehow, there is no one doing anything against it. What I think, if we have to choose between bad and worse, Shivsena n MNS are bad atleast.
    About Sachin issue I have said it in my blog.

  6. Pushkaraj Says:

    @ iamzero - My dear friend, Abu Azmi goes beyond that. Today he has given a statement that he has started learning Marathi and has appointed a tutor for that purpose. Swati's post is not against any one party, but against all petty politicians who stand to gain by creating a division between people who otherwise would have no problem tolerating any faith/belief.

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