Communication Media for Social Awareness

"Clean Katraj - Smart Katraj"

Here I am going to present a small case I have taken up to see if proper media is used for communicating social issues can we make people follow it. An experiment where I have tried to use the principle of advertising to effectively communicate a message and try to bring about a change in HABIT.

A simple corollary that I want to test - If good advertising can help an individual change a brand of tea or shampoo - that is, effectively change my personal preference (a habit) - then is it possible that we can change a habit of non segregation of garbage at source.

Well of course there are many agencies involved. And they all had to work under a common agenda - so the first step was to get each organisation to work for a common cause - together. The key point is 'working together'. Individually the govt system (PMC) and NGOs have all been working independently on the same cause for some time now - each agency complaining about the others flaws. What was required was that the inadequacies of each working agency had to be brought on a common table (identification of loop holes) - agreeing that the identified issues fell in who's perview (so the blame game could stop) and finally identifying mechanisms 'together' to resolve the inadequacies - essentially sharing responsibilities.

This enormous task was taken up by Janwani an NGO under the MCCIA (Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture). Under the guidance of Kishori Gadre (Director Janawani) a project was designed and a ward identified.  Janawani is acting as the main facilitator and initiator for the implementation of the project. I was fortunate to get associated with Janwani - and I discussed my idea with Kishori - was it possible to get professionally designed communication material to spread the message. She agreed and my journey with the project took its first step by getting a logo / identity designed for the campaign. 

The objective for having an independent identity was simply to help all involved keep their agendas aside - use their individual strengths - to implement a campaign that took up a cause/issue that they were already working on!                                            Numerous meetings and site visits, at garbage depot, and dumps followed , initial surveys were conducted and data and manpower was shared by the contributing agencies. Funds flowed in with support of the Local Lion's Group, and now corporate houses are also planning to pitch in.
Through the post that now follow I would put up updates of how we went about the project. The ultimate objective is to get the Katraj ward to become the model ward with a ZERO garbage policy. 

(Janwani joined hands with the NGOs working in this sector to make it a representative ward for making it azero garbage and create sustainable system for decentralized waste management.
Janwani, Dhankawdi Ward office of Pune Municipal Corporation, Maharashtra Plastics Manufactures Association, and SWaCH Co-operative, Lions club international and local corporator are part of this initiative.)